Dark Matter - Dark Energy

It is called dark matter/dark energy because it cannot be seen. It is believed to be a positive force (author). Its composition is not known. Science has not determined the reason for it to exist. Dark matter – dark energy – only recently has the existence of dark matter over much larger scale than even galaxy clusters been confirmed.18 That information was discovered in 1995. Since then, due to advances in scientific cosmological research, it has been found that 95% of our universe is composed of dark matter/dark energy. There is more dark matter – dark energy in the universe than anything,19 further, it is believed by the author of this hypothesis that dark matter/dark energy work in conjunction with gravity as a positive force of repulsion against objects of mass – counterbalancing the negative attraction that gravity has on mass. Perhaps the overall reason that dark matter/dark energy exists is because it acts as an invisible positive force of anti-gravitational control to maintain an even distribution balance of bodies of mass throughout the universe so they will not bunch together. Without dark matter/dark energy, the universe as we know it could not exist. Normally we think of outer space as unlimited light years of nothing with great distances between stars and planets having only cold, darkness, vacuum and occasionally pieces of debris from exploding stars. Actually outer space is the perfect size to do what it was designed to do – provide for, sustain and renew life. The distance, space, and time balance ratio of uninterrupted light and empty space must remain constant for the continuous formulation of life. It is believed by this author that gravity and dark matter/dark energy working together are important for sustaining life; gravity for the negative attraction and dark matter/dark energy for the positive force.