Life Renewal (Continued)

Soon after each “Big Bang” when the universe is fresh with a great abundance of atoms and light photons that enrich the empty universe with planets and stars, it is possible, if the conditions are perfect with the presence of DNA, life may develop – according to its environment. Perhaps that is how our planet began and maybe somewhere close to 13,700,000,000 years of where we are now. Humans first appeared on earth 6,000,000 years ago,53 today’s modern man – 100,000 – 200,000 years ago.54

After eons of time, the universe, with its light photons and atoms still traveling from the force of the pressure of the “Big Bang” continue to expand and accelerate. 55 & 56 Indeed, as it gets farther and farther into the emptiness of virgin space, there is less resistance so of course they will continuously gain speed in accelerating, that may be due in part to the electromagnetic force the propulsion unit of the photon propelling itself continuously by double speeding on its own speed constantly, (zero-186,000 miles/second – doubling after each second because there is very little to slow it down except for the extremly sparse (if any) residual particles from previous,"Big Bangs"). Finally completing their curvilinear journeys throughout the universe great quantities of atoms and light photons return to their starting points as in all previous “Big Bangs” (author). They quickly form a small spherical mass. With the intensity of the returning light photons and atoms the size of the spherical mass is substantially augmented. Because of the massive quantity of atoms and light photons hurled into space from previous “Big Bang” close to the same time, the ones that complete their journeys return close to the same time adding to and forming the rapidly growing spherical mass. As the size of the spherical mass increases it’s gravitational attraction becomes stronger, causing some of the atoms and light photons to curve which increases their mass adding to the impact on the growing spherical mass – further increasing its density resulting in an even stronger attraction.