As a life-form we populate this planet, coexist with its inhabitants and accept all of it as absolutely our own. We have our likes and dislikes, traditions, excesses, strengths, weaknesses and depend on each other and our planet to survive.

Most of the things that happen we accept without question. Normally, we reconcile our beliefs, hopes and desires commensurate to our expectations.

As the universe continues to expand, the planets and stars change similarly. Because the universe, planets and stars are so large the changes that take place on the planets and stars seemingly happen very slowly. As those changes take place, we (man), lesser creatures and plants must change or evolve to accommodate those changes accordingly. Only the fittest animals and plants survive the evolutionary process. Because of our superior progressive intelligence (ability to learn, remember, reason and apply...) survival instincts and physical prowess we, in the past, have been able to adapt and evolve with little noticeable change. Lesser creature's lower intelligence, reasoning, physical prowess and survival instincts evolve too, but at a much slower pace. If lesser creatures and plants are unable to keep pace with changes in evolution they become extinct.

It is very unlikely and unfounded to believe we are the only life in our universe. Many parts of this hypothesis have advocated how it may be possible that with the curvature of light and atoms, life may exist infinitely everywhere environmental conditions permit. It is expected and natural that life exists in every place possible throughout our huge universe and not just this tiny spot.