The Infinite

Does the perpetual existence of the physical birth of each man, throughout the occurrence of endless "Big Bangs" fulfill our expectations of infinite life, or is it possible at the end of a physical life an infinite spiritual life will follow? That is a very important question for all of us. The correct answer to the question is complex and remains unknown. Though I don't know the answer, I don't know anyone that does, but there are two replies to the question. The first reply to the question is that it is a worldwide issue. Many individuals have their personal traditional beliefs, which are unproven but, they are satisfied with them and the majority of those persons are not interested in changing their beliefs. The other reply to the question is; everything that exists is a result of cause to be by design and its origin is unknown. Because of the fact that we do exist and the supremely perfect design of the atoms, the photons, DNA and their spectacular cohesive working relationship to formulate every detail of all types of life that are compatible and rely on each other, our earth and our universe for survival plus the absolutely flawless elegance of the changing universe itself are proof of infinite life and may follow the path of our universe as related in this hypothesis.

Is a combination of both replies correct?

My reply to the question is unresolved.

With things we want and expect, we must be honest, realistic, unselfish, and condition our hopes with truth and gratitude that we exist.