Most every person has pondered the real meaning of his or her existence. We are curious about from where we came and what our purpose is. The greatest questions of all are — when is the end of time and what is in our future? To find the answers to those questions, we must reconcile our minds with the truth as determined by scientific facts, logic and common sense. Likewise when possible, scientists should temper their findings with understanding for all of us.

It is doubtful if we will ever know conclusively how we originated. Many people want to know. In this hypothesis the theory of the emergence or manifestation of a supremely intelligent entity that came into existence within the universe, developed atoms, life, all we know, then initiated the first "Big Bang", the beginning of time and infinite life. To answer those questions of life and how it may continue infinitely we must start at the beginning. Everything has a beginning and an ending... except life. Life is infinite. But how? The answer to that question is very different than what we previously believed. Answers to questions of infinite life can be found by studying the accomplishments and proven theories of recent and past scientists. All of the necessary requirements that help life continue infinitely are functioning perfectly.