Many of us have pondered the real meaning of our existence. We are curious about from where we came and what our purpose is. The greatest questions of all are -- when is the end of time and what is infinite life? To find the answers to those questions, we must reconcile our minds with the truth as determined by scientific facts, logic and common sense.

It is doubtful if we will ever know exactly when or how we originated. In this hypothesis, it is believed before anything the SUBLIMINAL ESSENCE of a positive and negative opposites existed. Each having positive and negative inherent values culminated,, joined…high intensity coalesced -- transformed into atoms charged with those inherent positive and negative values --evolving-- into a giant spherical mass..eventually imploding under its own weight,, releasing the atoms into the universe bound to return on their own equal action and opposite reaction electromagnetic path.

How can life be infinite? Life and survival are very strong. In humans that desire is even stronger and is guided by hope and camaraderie in faith in the belief that even after death new and better life will continue without ending. Taking into consideration that life comes from atoms that continues life infinitely through a series of endless “Big Bangs” we must come to understand that without atoms nothing would exist.

The answer to the of infinite life is VERY different than what was previously believed. Answers to questions of infinite life can be found by studying the following pages about the accomplishments and proven theories of recent and past scientists. This is a learning process and is a big change from past and present beliefs. Infinite recurring "Big Bangs", are essential for continuing life infinitely. They are a continuously perfectly timed chain of events that through