Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised


Different types of Atoms are composed of between 150-200 subatomic particles.11 The three (3) basic ones are electrons, protons, and neutrons. Subatomic particles within an atom are confined and held together by a strong nuclear force called gluons. Each subatomic particle has one (1) or more of six (6) different constituents named quarks.12 The quarks are named flavors. Names of the flavors are: strange, charm, up, down, top and bottom. Quarks are thought to come from a fundamental composition that have not been positively identified but are believed to come from vibrating strings.13,13a Very little is known about vibrating strings. In this hypothesis they are used in order of their values to preceding Quarks and subatomic particles. Any substance composed of entirely one type of atom is an element, i.e., gold, lead, silver.

One hundred eighteen (118) elements exist. It takes at least two types of atoms to make one molecule, i.e. water (H₂O). 13b By using various combinations of molecular formulas from only 100 different kinds of atoms (and 150-200 subatomic particles, see foot note #11.) more than 12,000,000 substances exist.14 By 1932 science and technology was advanced to the point where high energy could be developed safely by splitting the atom through controlled nuclear disintegration; fission, (dirty energy). Later (1945), using that similar technique of splitting the atom to make the atomic bomb was devised and helped end World War II.15 Scientists are now working on developing a clean unlimited energy source by harnessing the atom by creating nuclear fusion.15a Research about the atom, its composition and uses, never stop. Successful results in an unlimited energy supply could lower our planets pollution, elevate our health standards, extend our life span and raise our quality of life. Everything is our huge universe depends on the tiny atom.

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Unlocking The Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised

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