Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised


After eons of time, the universe, with its light photons and atoms still traveling from the force of the pressure of the “Big Bang”56 and the electromagnetic radiation force carriers – (gauge bosons) propel the photons and atoms to 186,000 miles per second (MPS).56A In 1925 Edwin Hubble, astronomer scientist, discovered the universe was expanding at a rate proportionate to the same velocity based on Einstein’s 1907 formula for the speed of light in a vacuum of 186,000 MPS.56B

On Sep. 4, 2002 NASA stated the universe is accelerating in its outward expansion.56C The statement from NASA that the universe is accelerating on its outward expansion was a surprise and did seem possible. Later the accelerating outward expansion rate of the universe was verified by countless astrophysicists & cosmologists. The author theorizes that the normal speed of light of 186,000 miles per second within the known CONGESTED areas of the cosmos; (galaxies, stars, planets) remains at that normal “steady state” speed, but farther into the emptiness of virgin space there is nothing to slow the light photons and atoms down except for the extremely sparse free particles from previous “Big Bangs”, Please Refer to Curvature of Light. In this area – after light reaches its normal state speed, it does not rest at that speed but again after each second begins accelerating, (double speeding) an additional 186,000 MPS to 372,000 MPS. Upon reaching the new speed, again, the next second the latest new speed does not rest, but accelerates another 186,000 MPS to 458,000 MPS continuing this pattern for eons, but never increasing incrementally each second faster than 186,000 MPS.

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Unlocking The Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised

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