Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised


That hypothesis MAY account for as to how our universe is rapidly expanding, accelerating as it is increasing the light speeds faster than the imagination can comprehend, literally illuminates its past presence with life. Because the universe is so large and the incremental double speeding of the increasingly rapid expansion of our universe will make future predictions of the initial time of universal conception and the previous number of “Big Bangs” since difficult to predict, (previous page). Finally completing their curvilinear journeys throughout the universe great quantities of atoms and light and photons returning to their starting points as in all previous “Big Bangs” (author). They quickly form a large spherical mass. With the intensity of the returning light photons and atoms the size of the spherical mass is substantially augmented. Because of the massive quantity of atoms and light photons hurled into space from previous “Big Bang” close to the same time, the ones that complete their journeys return close to the same time adding to the impact forming the rapidly growing spherical mass. As the size of the spherical mass increases it’s gravitational attraction becomes stronger, causing some of the atoms and light photons to curve which increases their density adding even more to the impact on the growing spherical mass – further increasing its size resulting in an even stronger attraction. Resulting in another,, “Big Bang”.

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Unlocking The Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised

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