Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised


of “BIG BANGS” dismantling changes in temperatures and time naturally interacting together with fundamental particles recombine, transforming into life. All of the necessary requirements that help life to be created and continue infinitely are functioning perfectly. They are: Atoms, (Atoms – Cells – Conscious), Gravity, (Gravity), Light, (Light), Curvature of Light, (Curvature of Light) , Time, (Present) , Space- (interspersed throughout), Electromagnetism- (interspersed throughout), Dark Matter/Dark Energy, (though unproven are thought to have great importance.) (Dark Matter/Dark Energy) , Photoelectric effect (“Big Bangs”) and the catalyst for them all, the “Big Bang”, (“Big Bangs”) . They are all part of a “Grand Formula” that works exactly as designed. “Big Bangs” are a complete collection of every atom and Light Photon of everything that ever existed from the entire universe drawn together by gravitational attraction, the photoelectric effect and the phenomena of Light Curvature, Gravity (Light Photons and Atoms returning to their origins) (Curvature of Light) forming a huge Spherical Mass that over a period of billions of years of incoming Atoms, Photons, and space Debris becomes so heavy onto itself, that it implodes, creating a gigantic Nuclear Explosion. The explosion ejects all atoms and photons into empty space. It is a “Big Bang”, (“Big Bangs”). The great quantity of Atoms and light Photons speeding away from the pressure/force of the explosion and the light photons own speed.. parallel speeding (side by side) cause some of the Atoms and Photons to become attracted to each other by Electromagnetism, resulting in clustering. The Cluster may develop into a small but constantly growing Spherical Mass from Light Photons and Atoms (returning to their origins), smaller clusters and spherical masses. Simultaneously, traveling into the farther reaches of outer space in our rapidly expanding universe are other parallel speeding light photons and atoms,

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Unlocking The Secrets of the Universe And Infinite Life - Revised

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