Epilogue (Continued)

It has been a challenge to learn of the events of what may be how the "Big Bang" works as a catalyst together with the universe to perpetuate infinite life. Perhaps parts of this hypothesis are correct -- maybe some parts of it are not. For the fragile chain of events as depicted in this theory to materialize are slim. It's like grabbing at straws. From what has happened in the past, what is presently known and what is projected, presents only a narrow margin to go on. It's going to be a busy and tough road ahead for scientists.

Scientists of cosmology and astrophysics through their aggressive and unrelenting work are finding positive ways to determine why and how our universe exists. If successful, it would be a great revelation for most of us to become aware of all the benefits of those endeavors. In any case, hopefully, this hypothesis can help them get the support they must have for what lies ahead while preparing for our future. It may further help all of us survive to understand our origins, purpose and infinite life.